The GECCO'22 graph-based GP tutorial launched an exchange among graph-based GP researchers. Following this, the first edition of the Graph-based GP Workshop was held at GECCO'23. With over 40 participants, two invited speakers, four submissions, and three accepted posters, the GECCO'23 workshop was a success. We hope that continuing this workshop at GECCO'24 will promote the further the development of and the exchange of ideas around graph-based GP.


Dennis G. Wilson
ISAE-Supaero, University of Toulouse, France

Roman Kalkreuth
Sorbonne University, France

Eric Medvet
University of Trieste, Italy

Giorgia Nadizar
University of Trieste, Italy

Giovanni Squillero
Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Alberto Tonda
Université Paris-Saclay, INRAE, France

Yuri Lavinas
IRIT, University of Toulouse, France


To contact the workshop organization committee, email Roman and Dennis.