While the classical way to represent programs in Genetic Programming (GP) is using an expression tree, different GP variants with graph-based representations have been proposed. Graph-based representations have led to novel applications of GP in circuit design, cryptography, image analysis, and more. This workshop aims to encourage this form of GP by considering graph-based methods from a unified perspective and to bringing together researchers in this subfield of GP research.

The Graph-based GP Workshop will be held at GECCO 2024 in Melbourne in July 2024.


We invite submissions that present recent developments in graph-based Genetic Programming. The scope of the workshop includes the following topics and issues as they relate to graph-based GP:

  • Genetic operators
  • Representation models
  • Theoretical results
  • Applications
  • Implementations
  • Search and runtime performance
  • Hyperparameter optimization
  • Benchmarking
  • Self adaption
  • Phenotye space and semantic analysis
  • Fitness landscape analysis